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EMB has been operating in the automotive, marine, aerospace, and industrial engineering sector for over a decade. In that time, we identified an opportunity to extend the use of modelling-based product design and development within the UK market. 

EMB has developed an alliance with New Eagle Inc from Michigan, USA, to exclusively distribute their Raptor rapid prototyping system and support the supply chain locally. Our goal is to bring a whole new range of modelling-based engineering tools and methods to a much wider audience. Our customers will be able to produce high-quality, cost-effective products more rapidly. We are your one-stop shop for robust and reliable controls. 

Our Difference

We bring product development capabilities - previously only found in OEMs and established consultancies - to a much wider audience. The engineering knowledge and knowhow enshrined in Raptor can be brought to bear in all product development as the new norm. 

Our Raptor solutions have UK expertise with the backing and experience of New Eagle. EMB solutions enable engineers of all backgrounds to begin developing controls in a structured environment designed specifically to get results, fast. 

External reliance is reduced as skills can be developed in house. SW is the IP that OEMs now realise they want to keep hold of rather than shipping it out.

Our tools, products and solutions enable businesses to deliver state-of-the-art while it is still state-of-the-art, cutting development times whilst delivering reliability and integrity.


Our Values

EMB is a technology solution company focussed on engineering excellence, professional integrity reliability and a deep knowledge of our chosen markets. 

We aim to support all our customers’ design and development needs through our custom control systems and experienced engineering services. The Raptor tool set allows us to bring agile-yet-practical skills to bear in an increasingly fast moving world.

The Raptor toolset allows us to blend long established core engineering principles with modern technology enabled ways of working. Our core instincts are to share this knowledge with all our customers and to play our part in improving the effectiveness of UK engineering. 
To achieve all this we aim to be the best at what we do and to bring a sense of teamwork and fun to the workplace.

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EMB Power is the go-to team for automotive engineering, bringing over a decade of experience in the industry, as well as expertise in rapid prototyping and system design. Whether you need a simple fine-tuning or full-scale automotive engineering solutions, EMB Power has you covered.

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