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EMB in partnership with New Eagle

Putting you in control of your IP, supply chain and project, from development to production


ECU Buyers Guide

The ECU you choose can make or break your project. It affects your development process, costs, time to market, and your ability to scale for production.

  • Six key considerations for selecting the right ECU

  • Questions to ask before selecting an ECU provider

  • If your project is better suited for building or buying an ECU

The Raptor Platform

Learn how to save time and money developing control systems with Raptor.

  • How our production-ready development, calibration, and testing tools work together

  • Tips for developing complex vehicle systems more smoothly with less friction 

  • How to get EV/HEV and autonomous vehicles from prototype to production faster


EV/HEV Feasibility Guide

Get a holistic picture of the system components you'll need to make better decisions and get your vehicle in to production faster.

  • Insights into the six production phases of an electric vehicle project

  • Considerations about your EV/HEV program needs and requirements

  • A better understanding of each electric vehicle hardware component

  • Our pre-production checklist to select the correct EV/HEV system components

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