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We have a breadth of experience working in the autonomous, electric & hybrid, engine control, electro-hydraulic, and engine control problem space.  Our mechatronic control solutions have solved difficult control challenges in the automotive, military and commercial vehicle markets, including the medium-and heavy-duty trucks, construction vehicles,  bus, agriculture, specialty transportation, mining, industrial equipment and off-road recreational machines.

We believe that your machine’s development cycle shouldn’t be held up by frustrating challenges in control system design, development and integration. We help you avoid these challenges with expert engineering services, software tools, and trusted hardware offerings.  With us as your partner, you’ll have the power to take control of your machine’s development cycle and go from prototype to production quickly, efficiently, and securely.


Work with a development partner that can deliver exactly what you need. New Eagle builds safe and reliable Drive-By-Wire (DBW) kits that meet your exact specifications, including your requirements for power and thermal management. Our robust hardware, paired with our Raptor software platform is a complete solution that gets your autonomous vehicles on the road quickly.

Our drive-by-wire solutions are customizable, reliable, and production-ready.


Electric and Hybrid

Whether developing a brand new EV or converting a vehicle to be hybrid or electric, you’ll need a vehicle control unit custom enough to meet your specifications, but reliable enough to get you to production.

New Eagle partners with you to deliver specialized engineering services. We can help you make better decisions about your EV/Hybrid production program.

Engine Control

Engines need to operate within today’s challenging emission and safety standards. It is hard to develop an engine management system that meets these standards since these engine systems are so complex.

To solve this problem, we offer engine control systems that can be easily integrated and tailored to fit a variety of engines. Whether your machine’s engine is spark-ignited (SI), diesel, bi-fuel/dual-fuel, or low-pressure fueled, we have a safe, efficient, and fast control solution that’s right for you.


Have Questions?

Our UK-based Engineers are ready to help you deliver your project.

Image by Gerold Hinzen

Intelligent Machines

Hydraulic machines are dangerous to operate and expensive to insure since human hydraulic operators are almost always at-risk for on-site accidents. With New Eagle controls, though, we’ve created a better, safer way to run hydraulic machinery.

New Eagle’s by-wire control solution allows the operators of hydraulic machines to pilot equipment remotely. This reduces the risk of on-site injury and accidents and lowers the cost of insuring and operating hydraulic machines.

Our by-wire hydraulic control solutions let you unleash your machine’s potential, allowing them to go where humans can’t. So whether it’s a warzone or worksite, our safe and reliable by-wire controls can help you do what others can’t, all while keeping your operators out of harm’s way.


For over 11 years, New Eagle has modernised and maintained military machines with the Raptor™ platform, systems expertise, powerful tools, and a reliable supply chain of proven, production components.

New Eagle technology has proven this capability with the armed forces and supports new developments in aerospace such as eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing). Whether developing, integrating, or testing software, our powerful embedded model-based development (eMBD) tools on the open-source Raptor™ platform leverage commercially-available technologies well-suited for high-performance systems.

When paired with our reliable supply of commercial-grade components, Raptor enables faster innovation across aerospace and defense systems of all kinds — and all with the flexibility to integrate solutions onto existing systems or technologies.

Gas Plant

Hydrogen, Oil and Gas

New Eagle’s rugged control systems offer a competitive alternative to conventional PLC-based solutions.

Our customizable, machine-mounted systems are built on production hardware proven in hot, under-the-hood environments.

Able to withstand vibration, water, and contaminates, this ruggedized alternative is better-suited for tough worksite conditions common to refinery and processing plant.


No NEMA cabinets, no risky wire harnessing, no production rework. Just effective, reliable control that works as hard as your machine.

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