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Our experienced engineers can provide the full range of customised control system, engineering services and project management skill to safely help you take your idea from concept to market.

In Raptor we have the technology needed to manage the complexity inherent in modern product development and bring big company engineering skills to your doorstep at reasonable prices. We provide the following services across the product development life cycle.

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Feasibility Consultation

Our engineers can help you during your project’s early stages in assessing feasibility and identifying the key transitional steps to take your product from concept into reality.


Embedded Controls

Our Raptor software tools can make reliably developing, calibrating and testing embedded software fast and easy as your transition to a full-service solution.


Control Systems Design

As you develop your prototype, our engineers can help your product development team create a custom control system solution that is right for your machine.


ISO 26262 Safety Assessment

Our engineers can help you create a custom control system for your machine that meets ISO 26262 standards, enabling a fast track to full production.


Control System Integration

We can help integrate your custom control system into your machine prototype - documenting each process stage to ensure easy and safe replication into full production.


Hardware Supply Chain Management

We have trusted supply chain partnerships with market-leading hardware manufacturers to give you access to pre-validated hardware as you progress to high-volume production.


Modelling And Simulation

Our team can help you model, simulate and test different conditions for your machine to ensure the creation of a system for your end-machine that meets production requirements.

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Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or products.

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