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New Eagle Raptor software suite provides the model-based software needed to create customised embedded controls using off-the-shelf production-ready hardware. Raptor controls and software remove the challenges in system control design, development, and integration, leading to accelerated product development and launch cycles.

Raptor-Dev enhances the MATLAB Simulink modeling environment with a library of customizable Simulink blocks, and automated build tools, that allows developers to quickly create embedded control software for Raptor Controllers and Raptor Displays. Developers work directly in the Simulink environment with pre-written Raptor-Dev block libraries as well as native Simulink blocks and features, and produce code for rugged production hardware via a one-click automated build process, which is flashed to the hardware using Raptor. Raptor extends your existing Matlab functionality and accelerates and simplifies development.

Raptor-Dev provides the speed of conventional Rapid Control Prototyping tools combined with production code generation targeting automotive-grade production ECUs and displays.

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